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Aguila 380 ACP Ammo 95gr FMJ 500 Rounds

(36 customer reviews)


380 ACP ammo by Aguila is new production ammunition for non-corrosive brass, boxer primer and reusable. The use of non-corrosive primer means reliable starting in any climate. Aguila 380 ACP automatic ammunition is packaged in 50 or round boxes of 1000.

Buy 380 ACP Ammo By Aguila Online

The Aguila 380 ACP Ammo, also called The.380 Auto (among other titles), is a popular pistol cartridge used for personal defense, hunting, military, and law enforcement purposes.

How good are 380 rounds?

The official “name” for the .380 round is the .380 ACP or Colt Automatic Pistol. It 380 ACP ammo by Aguila – 95gr fmj was invented by John Browning, so it must be good. Many pistols intended for .380 do not work well with HP ammo. Best Sellier & Bellot .380 ACP Ammo 500 Rounds for online.

What is Eagle ammunition?

Aguilera currently specializes in Rimfire, Shotshells and Centerfire ammunition. Aguila ammunition box made of brass and anticorrosive. If you are looking for a target shooting shot… Aguila is a great choice! Industrias TECNOS manufactures Aguila ammunitiontock Industrias TECNOS in Mexico. Remington initially installed the plant. Cheap but better.


As one of the largest rimfire manufacturers in the world and Aguila® utilizes cutting-edge technology to produce quality rimfire, centerfire and shotshell ammunition. They offer a complete range of products for self-defense, shooting sports, hunting, law enforcement and military markets.



36 reviews for Aguila 380 ACP Ammo 95gr FMJ 500 Rounds

  1. Garry (verified owner)

    I have used S&B FMJ of all calibers that I shoot at the range for over 4 decades. Very reliable, but they have to be, having been doing it for 200 years. It’s always been one of the least expensive FMJ cartridges available besides being one of the better performers.

    92 gr. FMJ is the only ammo I shoot in my .380 back-ups. 955 fps S&B at the range, and 995 fps Remington UMC FMJ for carry.

  2. Hermanne (verified owner)

    Price is the best around. Quality is excellent. Delivery is incredible. Always receive my ammo in less than a week. These are awesome people.

  3. GClark (verified owner)

    I bought this ammo to use in a Polish PM-63 sub machine gun. It feeds and fires great. The rounds go through the gun like snails through a goose.

  4. Gunter (verified owner)

    Shot off 100 rounds not one issue all rounds hit target and no misfires.

  5. Don Ballistic (verified owner)

    I shoot 100 rounds of Aguila 45 ACP ball weekly at a local indoor range. The ammo runs perfectly in my Dan Wesson PM 45. In my opinion Aguila 45 ACP ball ammo is cost effective, accurate and reliable. service and shipping were excellent. I will be purchasing again.

  6. Krimm089 (verified owner)

    Flawless performance and a good deal.

  7. Chris (verified owner)

    Bought 1000 rounds of this for my wife’s G42. First impressions upon opening the very first box of 50 were amazing based on how clean this ammo was in appearance. Was a little concerned as her G42 can be finicky with ammo and basically took the plunge based on the good reviews found here on LG. Upon getting to the range the good looking ammo did not disappoint. My wife put over 150 rounds downrange with not a single FTF or misfire to be had and ammo was very consistent firing throughout the day. Great ammo and would not hesitate to recommend. Will certainly be buying more of this to stock up in the house for my wife to train with at the range.

  8. Randy (verified owner)

    Great ammo. I love Fiocchi products. My Glock 42 performed perfectly using this ammo.

  9. Samson Pride (verified owner)

    I purchased 1000 rounds for my wife to shoot out of her G42. The pistol had fired 50 rounds of other ammunition with zero issues.

  10. William (verified owner)

    I have used this ammunition extensively and I have found it to be excellent in reliability, in price and in its quality. I would use this brand in any caliber in addition to the .45 ACP that I have been using.

  11. William (verified owner)

    Ordered this ammo as a comparison to some other brand. So far I have put 200 rounds of each down range through a Springfield Armory 1911A1 Mil-Spec. This ammo is performing better than I was expecting. Will definitely order this brand again. I am really glad I found Lucky Gunner. Prices are reasonable and shipping is fast.

  12. Kai (verified owner)

    Packaging could be done better as the boxes in side the box were worn and torn but the ammo arrive intact looks to be of good quality.

  13. Nicholas (verified owner)

    Web site is polished and neat but…

  14. Phoenix (verified owner)

    Good Ammo a affordable. Shipping is fast

  15. Owen (verified owner)

    I ordered $150 worth of ammunition on 11-26-21and still have not received the shipment. I don’t have any tracking information and have not gotten any follow up on the status.

  16. Kenny (verified owner)

    Great stuff for target shooting. Fed flawlessly in my Glock 42

  17. Brad (verified owner)

    The first magazine she loaded and fired had one failure to fire. I reloaded the round and it fired. She and I have shot 200 rounds out of the 1000. Out of the 200, we experienced 20 failure to fire rounds. 1 out of 10 is a terrible ratio. I would not recommend this ammunition. The packaging was not the same as pictured and the rounds did not look the same as though pictured. SKU number matched.

  18. HitGirl (verified owner)

    I shot a few boxes of this and they all performed perfectly, fed well, and never missfired

  19. HitGirl (verified owner)

    I shot a few boxes of this and they all performed perfectly, fed well, and never miss fired

  20. Mike (verified owner)

    My wife has put 200 rnds through her Sig with out any problems or issues. Our targets are at 50 feet and this ammunition has performed well in regards to accuracy. Thanks again for your timely shipping and service.

  21. Huncho (verified owner)

    No misfires in my wifes Bersa, and was clean shooting.

  22. Gris (verified owner)

    Shot out of short barrel ran flawlessly. Put 400 round down range as accurate as most other training ammo I have shot out of the same gun. No failure to feeds. This is a brand I use for other calibers as well and have seen similar results with their 9mm and .40 ammo.

  23. Lil Phil (verified owner)

    This is my go to 45 ACP. I’ve ordered several cases and it is great. Consistent, clean, and cheap.

  24. Randy (verified owner)

    Shot this ammo in new Glock 42. No ammo related problems at all. It is peaty hot 380 ammo.

  25. Mateo (verified owner)

    Was told i was getting a refund because you had a system error and couldnt ship me my ammo that i was charged for. Still havent recieved my refund, no sign of it processing on my card either.

  26. Patrick (verified owner)

    Shipping by FedEx was late and DAMAGED. NOT packed well, just thrown in box. 3 boxes were broke and rounds damaged. Looks like old stock.

  27. 1911 Guy (verified owner)

    I got a 1000 rounds of this to put through my 1911, and it loved it. I burned though 800 rounds in 2 weeks without a single malfunction, so I ordered more.
    It isn’t the cleanest, but its reliable, and hits well.. So I got a bunch more to get me through California’s new ammo laws.. and as soon as California fixes these silly new laws I will buy more.

  28. Camden (verified owner)

    I am upset with the service I have received, and was not reimbursed for my canceled order via free shipping nor 10% off.

  29. Paul (verified owner)

    Ran a few boxes through my Ruger LCP 2 with zero issues. Good choice!

  30. Edwin (verified owner)

    I shoot 100 rounds of S&B 45 ACP ball weekly at a local indoor range. The ammo runs perfectly in my Dan Wesson PM 45. In my opinion S&B 45 ACP ball ammo is cost effective, accurate and reliable. service and shipping were excellent. I will be purchasing again.

  31. Lycan (verified owner)

    Nothing wrong with this product. Compared to value, you can’t find anything better.

  32. Lycan (verified owner)

    I have had no problems with this ammo at all. I will be ordering more as budget allows.

  33. Dave (verified owner)

    100 rounds fired thru new Bersa Thunder. One misfire and one jam. The other 98 fired and fed well. decent accuracy! Great target ammo but not for defense.

  34. Mel D (verified owner)


  35. Samm (verified owner)

    Ordered 100 rounds of this ammo as part of a break in for my new Ruger LCP to see what works. No jams, misfire or any problems with all 100 rounds.

  36. Mike B (verified owner)

    My preference has been Ruger. This time I could not locate a Ruger & this S&W became available thru Palmetto Armory. Decided to buy & also it would be good in Silver to easily I.D. from my Black Rugers. Was pleasantly surprised that it actually fits my hand much better. I now prefer shooting this S&W better than the several Rugers I have located around my house/vehicles. It also fits my shoulder harness nicely. Happy Owner!

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