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Aguila 22 LR Ammunition Quiet Colibri 500 Rds


Aguila ammunition features a wide variety of unique loads for special rimfire applications. Colibri Ammunition is one of the quietest rounds available. This makes it the perfect round for practice and high volume shooting. Aguila ammunition is new-production and non-corrosive.

Quantity of 500 is 10 boxes of 50
Quantity of 5000 is 100 boxes of 50

WARNING: These rounds are powered by the rimfire primer only. They must only be fired in handguns. If fired in rifles, the bullet may remain lodged in the barrel.

Will not cycle the slide of semi-automatic handguns
Aguila packages these as Long Rifle ammunition, but they are in fact slightly shorter than a 22 Long cartridge

Technical Information

Caliber: 22 Long Rifle
Bullet Weight: 20 Grains
Bullet Style: Solid Point
Ballistics Information:
Muzzle Velocity: 420 fps
VelocityRating: Quiet
Muzzle Energy: 8 ft. lbs.


500 Rounds, 1000 Rounds


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