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Kent Cartridge Tungsten Matrix Waterfowl 20 Gauge Ammunition


Kent Cartridge has an extensive line of quality lead free ammunition for hunting waterfowl. Tungsten Matrix is a unique blend of pure tungsten powder combine with a polymer binding to produce non-toxic lead free shot that performs like lead with 40% greater density than steel. This tungsten/polymer composite provides uniform pellet size and consistent density that places maximum energy on target. Designed to match the physical and ballistic properties of lead, it won’t harm your barrel and is safe for use in any choke. Tungsten Matrix is perfect for ducks and waterfowl or any hunting where lead is prohibited. Next time you take to the field, take the ‘drop dead’ capability of Kent Cartridge Matrix with you.

Specifications and Features:
Kent Cartridge Tungsten Matrix Waterfowl C203NT32-5
Tungsten/Polymer Composite
20 Gauge
3″ Shell
#5 Non-Toxic Lead Free Shot
1-1/8 Ounce Shot
Max Powder Dram Equivalent
Muzzle Velocity: 1360 fps
Uses: Hunting Duck and Waterfowl
Shortly after World War II, the AK-47 was designed, later becoming the world’s most wide spread military-pattern rifle. The cartridge remained the Soviet standard until the 1970s. It was largely replaced in Soviet service by the 5.45×39mm cartridge, which was introduced with the new AK-74 rifle, and continues in service with the modernized current-issue Russian Armed Forces AK-74M service rifle, as well as the AK-12 rifle. In the 21st century the 7.62×39mm remains a common service rifle chambering, including for newly developed rifles like the AK-15.


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