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RUGER PC CHARGER 9MM 6.5″ 17+1 29100

(51 customer reviews)


The RUGER PC CHARGER 9MM 6.5″ is just a scaled-up 10/22 takedown that accepts 9mm. After the success of the PC Carbine, Ruger pc charger Glock mag decided to introduce the PC Charger. Ruger also has a Charger 10/22, which is essentially a pistol format of the Carbine.


The RUGER PC CHARGER 9MM 6.5″ is just a scaled-up 10/22 takedown that accepts 9mm. After the success of the PC Carbine, Ruger pc charger Glock mag decided to introduce the PC Charger. Ruger also has a Charger 10/22, which is essentially a pistol format of the Carbine.

The Ruger pc charger 9mm accessories pistol, based on Ruger’s PC Carbine Chassis model, is chambered in 9mm and is the designation for Ruger’s 10/22 pistol variants. The PC Charger has a Picatinny rail in the back to accept MCX style stocks or, in this example, braces and uses the same chassis as the newer tactical model PC Carbine. Buy Sig Sauer P320 Nitron Full Semi-Automatic Pistol 9mm Luger 4.7 online.

So, Ruger pc charger has seen massive success with its PC Carbine, and the new PC Charger is a pistol version of the Chassis model of the Carbine. Ruger’s PC Carbine Chassis Model came out in 2019, and I wrote it up for RifleShooter magazine, our sister publication.

AK “pistols” of any kind have no practical advantages over a similar AK model with a stock with the possible exception of being smaller and easier to hide.

AK pistols exist only because of a quirk of US law. In the US, a rifle with a stock must have minimum barrel length of 16 inches. If it is shorter than that, it is classified as a Short Barrel Rifle and is very heavily regulated. You have to pay a $200 tax and undergo a long bureaucratic process with lots of paperwork. The law also prohibits attaching stocks to pistols.

There are some AK models, like AK74SU, which have a much shorter barrel.

In order to sell them without restrictions on the US civilian market they are re-made on receivers that exclude the fully-automatic function and have no provision for the stock attachment. Having a short barrel and no stock allows them to be legally classified as pistols.

Obviously, they are too large and heavy to be used like normal pistol for more than a couple of shots, and the absence of a stock makes them unusable in the fashion of a rifle. As a result, the shooter winds up holding it by the grip and forend with no real support. This can be mitigated to a degree with a sling, but it’s still not ideal. Hands with no other support are a poor shooting platform for a rifle-weight gun.

Meanwhile, any AK-style rifle with a stock can be used in normal rifle fashion, allowing for greater accuracy and comfort.

51 reviews for RUGER PC CHARGER 9MM 6.5″ 17+1 29100

  1. Hans (verified owner)

    SEALs *used* AKs in a war 50+ years ago, that’s not the same thing as “SEALs use them.” There’s a plethora of reasons they used them, not all were because of reliability. For example, if behind enemy lines, ammo can be resupplied off of enemy dead. Modern day SOF use a lot of different weapons, and train on everything they might encounter. It doesn’t mean the AK is their primary weapon, which is what you made it sound like.

  2. Gruber (verified owner)

    the M16/AR15 was not the same weapon in 1967 as it is today. Everyone knows it had reliability issues, most of which was caused by ammunition/powder.

  3. William S (verified owner)

    This was my first time diving into the Ak platform and I’m absolutely hooked! So far I have 150 rounds though her, so far it’s a great rifle!
    P.s. don’t take the cleaning rod out, it a pain to put back. It seem that in the rear of the hand guard the plastic is a bit to tall for the rod to easily to go back into place.

  4. Mitchel (verified owner)

    Absolutely blown away with this rifle. Top notch.

  5. Nick (verified owner)

    “AK’s have failed”…that’s like saying “Shit has smelled good before.” Maybe. But rarely. Stoppages are a way of life for AR’s, an occasional thing for AK’s. Is the bullet going twice as fast? Let’s face it, I have some 154 grain soft nosed bullets. Probably travelling at least 4/5ths the speed of your 77 grainer. Twice the weight. Half again as large in diameter. Ain’t gonna throw mine in the mud. I have used both. Clean ’em, lube ’em, put ’em side by side and fire till they stop. See which one fails first. You know as well as I do the AK will still be running long after the AR freezes up. Heavier bullet, larger diameter, way more dependable. You know that.

  6. RJack (verified owner)

    there’s a reason the 300blk out is gaining steam. and it’s not only because it suppresses well. it also has very similar ballistics to the 7.62 x39.

    (also the russians switched to 5.45 because weight, and recoil under full auto)

  7. Mike (verified owner)

    Reliable? Aks have failed and the mudtest showed that. Ballistics better than 5.56 in sbrs? Debatable. 77 grain 5.56 out of a 10.3 is still going faster than 7.62×39 out of this 12.25 barrel. Yeah it’s cool and a beast gun but there’s a reason even the russians moved away from 7.62×39 and into 5.45.

  8. Larry (verified owner)

    own 2 ar’s and 5 ak’s.There is a reason and it’s not the price;if I want reliable is ak all the way why do you think seals use them.The 2 ar’s are 762 and because of design both break bolts after about 2000 rounds.I don’t need this when SHTF.Also have USA Draco and it purrs like wildcat .Just sayin…

  9. Larry (verified owner)

    boy we old guys have to constantly answer stupid questions and challenges so ck out national july /2018 and think before you print…..

  10. Richard (verified owner)

    Great rifle excellent quality!
    Great rifle excellent quality just like my arsenals

  11. Creedman (verified owner)

    Decent buy just for the barrel and receiver and the trunions. If you get one, tear off the rear stock and fore end…throw in the trash or sell for $25000 on Gunbroker. Then take out the two trigger pins and remove the trigger assembly and either throw it out or sell it on Gunbroker for $15000. Then buy a Magpul AKM fore end and an M4 tube converter and the cheapest M4 buffer tube, castle nut and end plate you can find and install…..then get the highest level of ALG trigger you can find (the UL is surreal) and install, mess with supplied pin til the safety works and it operates with a functional safety. Then go out and shoot no more than 2″ groups at 100 yards all day using just about any ammo other than Tula or old mil surp corrosive ammo, especially Chinese. If you can find a completed barreled upper I would go that route so you wont have to bone as many people on Gunbroker like every other seller on that auctionsite does

  12. Olga (verified owner)

    The fit and finish are good and I have had no reliability issues. This is a 3/5 because the rifle came without a front sight. PSA eventually sent me a front sight but I still needed to get an installation tool to properly sight in the rifle. It’s really just a silly mistake that shouldn’t pass QC which is all the stranger considering the rifle had a signed slip saying it had been inspected for quality assurance…

  13. C A (verified owner)

    Not a clone, more of a lookalike, but it’s a shooter.
    Solid rifle, runs good, shoots straight, the front sight wasn’t canted very much, finish is fine.

  14. Mitchel (verified owner)

    So far, so so. One, only Magpul MOE mags fit. Magpul Gen3’s (real expensive) do not fit; Two, 5 failures to feed a cartridge in the first 26 rounds using 2 different magazines; Three, front sight had to be moved significantly off center (to the left) to achieve a windage zero; Four, the bolt holds up mid stroke when manually operating the bolt. Rifle is in the process of being returned to fix these problems.

  15. Gouger (verified owner)

    The GREAT? The barrel. The problems? It seems that no one at PSA seems to read reviews or pays attention to the returns due to failed firing pins. My son in law bought a 103 after viewing Robski run the hell out of one he had and just before he finished off a case of 500 Wolf Poly FMJ some FTF issues cropped up. Field stripped the rifle, inspected the bolt and found that there was mushrooming at both ends of the firing pin. Ive owned AK variants from…..5 countries and after having to use a shovel to remove spent steel cases from where I generally shoot on more than one occasion I have yet to see a foreign made simple firing pin wear down to the point where they wont ignite even former com bloc steel cased ammo with their supposed hard primers.
    Nobody with the Kalashnikovs are complaining about poor quality firing pins so perhaps PSA should look to a different Chinese supplier when purchasing their next lot of firing pins. By the way two of my AK’s have Chinese heritage and though they are old……… problems with firing pins after untold thousands of rounds.
    C’mon PSA, listen to your customers.

  16. Henry (verified owner)

    The best made new production AK on the market now. Straightness held true of all components from lower to front trunion down the populated barrel. Serialized components makes it even better. THANKS! Smooth transaction and shipping. No issues. An excellent AK.

  17. Ethan (verified owner)

    The magazine lever was to long making the gun very picky about what kind of mags it takes from Pmags from surplus mags from circle 10 mags to new metal mags, lust a little bit of work with a file and all of my mags seat into the gun, the gun is awesome and is a great shooter cycles great and is very accurate right out of the box, just check magazine fitment before you go to the range with all your mags. I love these Palmetto AK’s

  18. Olga (verified owner)

    The fit and finish are good and I have had no reliability issues. This is a 3/5 because the rifle came without a front sight. PSA eventually sent me a front sight but I still needed to get an installation tool to properly sight in the rifle. It’s really just a silly mistake that shouldn’t pass QC which is all the stranger considering the rifle had a signed slip saying it had been inspected for quality assurance…

  19. Nathan D. (verified owner)

    Best American AK for the “Purist”

  20. Michael W. (verified owner)

    Good things first. Great trigger. Very accurate. Now for the not good things. Firing pin failed within 13 rounds after purchasing it. Had to send back. Customer service was helpful and i did not have long wait to receive gun back. Fast forward 10 months and about 1000 rounds. Now the bolt carrier (trigger reset) is mushrooming well beyond typical ak standards. To the point its rubbing the bolt. I really wanted to like this gun but parts of it are not well made it would appear. It’s not a AK103. It’s a dressed up AKM.

  21. Michael F. (verified owner)

    Safety was really tight and rear tang a little thicker than usual. Also i had to grind mag release to take Bulgarian polymer mags. Besides that it’s a very clean little blaster. Had to grind a little on zenitco hand guard (I know) to get it seated. I’m still waiting for ak74… or 105.

  22. Bryon (verified owner)

    This is my first AK47/7.62×39 chambered rifle and so far I’m liking it (I’ve only put 50 rounds thru it). I liked the idea of the FN barrel and compensator and that was a major part of purchasing this rifle over other AK’s. Build quality is good and no complaints there. The grip and stock are very basic and I have upgraded them with Magpul items. The trigger has a lot of gritty slack before firing and DEFINITELY needs upgraded to help with accuracy. To me the trigger is the biggest disappointment compared to price paid. Again, I’ve only put 50 rounds thru it at 45 meters but it put them all in a 12” circle and I think that’s pretty good right out of the box with iron sights. I believe with a better trigger, getting it sighted in at 100 meters and more range time it will be a good, dependable service rifle. Plus, it spits out steel cased ammo without breaking extractors and that may be crucial come 2030.

  23. Josh D (verified owner)

    Just picked mine up and it’s not FN marked. I confirmed what I ordered says it’s a FN barrel. ?????

  24. Cole T (verified owner)

    I cant say enough good things about this rifle you wont be disappointed. I have had it for over a year now and it has about 1200 rnds through it, not a single malfunction.

  25. Daniel (verified owner)

    I’ve put over 500 rounds of Tula through it and it runs like a champ.

  26. Booby (verified owner)

    Fantastic but difficult to find side rail scope mount
    Haven’t shot it yet but it feels so solid. Although the side rail mount that I bought didn’t fit. I wish they were more descriptive on what can attach to the side rail because it’s not standard Ak47 …

  27. Mel D (verified owner)


  28. Steven (verified owner)

    My first AK and I couldn’t be happier. Its lived up to all my expectations. Keep up the great work.

  29. Patrick (verified owner)

    I have had mine about 2 years. When I first got it, I notice that there were some issues with reliability, with the first 200-400 rounds. After that it has been a flawless rifle, and I’m well into the thousands of rounds through it. Somewhere between 4000-5000. I think the reliability issues came from the sharp angles on the hammer-face. Once I shot it more it smoothed it out a bit, and it stopped catching. I will be buying more from PSA. They made me love the AK design. I have used ak’s before but never owned one until this rifle. I admit I buy a lot of Gucci guns, so I’m really happy PSA has delivered a product that encourages me to give the cheaper brands a chance

  30. Mike B (verified owner)

    My preference has been Ruger. This time I could not locate a Ruger & this S&W became available thru Palmetto Armory. Decided to buy & also it would be good in Silver to easily I.D. from my Black Rugers. Was pleasantly surprised that it actually fits my hand much better. I now prefer shooting this S&W better than the several Rugers I have located around my house/vehicles. It also fits my shoulder harness nicely. Happy Owner!

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